You must respect the impulsive thought and try to implement it. You cannot perform as a director by what you already know, you must depend on the flash of inspiration that you do not expect and do not know.

Peter Donnelly

We should all try and be at least as prepared for climate change as we are for the zombie apocalypse.


A tribute to the man who pretty much represents childhood, Robin Williams.


‘Os Gemeos’ Converts Industrial Silos in Vancouver into Towering Giants

Drawing by Eric Goldberg

Statue Selfies

This incredible photo by Kris JB caused some fuss a couple of years ago when he posted it on reddit. Here’s an article he wrote sharing what he learned since that post which describes nicely the dangers of posting images online.

"It has made me greatly question the value of digital portfolios, however. I used to carry my portfolio on an iPad when visiting restaurants or bars with the intention of selling wall art, and had my heart sink as they idly swipe past each image without really looking. Luckily, however, I switched to a printed portfolio which ensures the audience gives each image reverence – and I made two sales from this method!"


Motion Silhouette: An Interactive Shadow Picture Book